Music of Protest – Part 2

I ended yesterday’s post at day 15 of a series of posts I did in December 2009, where I was posting a song of protest every day for a month. I will finish that list today.

I am doing the same thing again this year, and will have another 30 videos to post when I complete it, later this month. I just finished day 19, so I’ve got another 11 days to go.

Like yesterday, I will post the name and artist, a link, and then whatever text I had that accompanied the original post.

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Music of Protest – Part 1

Eight years ago, when I was fairly new to Facebook, I spent a month posting links to protest music videos. I was taking a stab at social media, after playing around with blogs (like this one!) and how far reaching a touch it had. We were at the beginning of the Obama administration, and while I was feeling positive for that change, I saw the seething hatred from the right. Social media was bringing me that hate at a much faster rate then the news could ever hope.

I wanted to fight back.

Now the conservative right has culminated in the election of a rich, white businessman who has a history of racism, dirty dealings (and bankruptcy) and misogyny. I still want to fight back. Music has long been a way to rally behind a message, so it is with music I fight.

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