I Love Cynics is a site for random political rants, book reviews and general insights into the basically sucky world in which we live. That’s not to say it’s a fatalistic place, more of a realistic spot on the web where I air my grievances and complaints from time to time. This is interspersed with the odd book review here and there.

I have a tendency to read lots of non-fiction, usually politically or historically oriented books from a wide variety of authors. I do not limit my reading to authors whose opinions I know align with my own. Know thy enemy, and all that, you know.

In terms of my politics, I’m pretty far left, though honestly, it seems like anything more liberal than Reagan is considered “lefty” these days, so that doesn’t really do a good job describing my political ideals. I hope this site helps make my politics a bit more clear. Who knows? Who cares? I suppose, in a narcissistic way, this site is as much myself learning about myself as any one else. Consider it a window into a personal journal.